Seaspan’s hands-on approach to business allows us to remain a leader in the field of innovation in ship design, construction and management.

From the beginning, Seaspan has set itself apart from its competitors by securing long-term charter deals with the leading companies in the industry. This business model has allowed Seaspan to thrive in the challenging times as well as the good ones, and to ensure stability for both the company and our employees.

Although an initially small company, we have continued to make great waves over the years by breaking records for designing the largest vessels in the industry. Seaspan delivered the first 4250 TEU and 8500 TEU containership in the world. We were also the largest shipping IPO in North American history to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange .

Today, we continue to stand on the edge of new business frontiers by forming an investment venture which will capitalize on current growth opportunities in the containership market. This new venture will work to invest up to $900 million, primarily earmarked to build new vessels.

2011 and 2012 will mark the delivery of Seaspan’s largest ships to date, the 13100 TEU series. These vessels provide the optimal balance between capacity and advantageous operating costs, as well as raise the bar for environmental good practice.